Questions About The Green Space

What is your cancellation policy?
Cancellations or changes to your reservation can be made up to three hours before your scheduled event by contacting us. If you decide to cancel your event, a credit will be applied to use for a future reservation with us. This credit will expire after 18 months from the original event date. If your original event was reserved for one of our 4-hour, 6-hour, or 10-hour options, those hours cannot be separated when rescheduling your event. Any cancellation or rescheduling requested within the three hours before the start of your reservation will not be credited. No refunds will be given.
Can I bring my pet?
There will be a deposit of $75 that will be refunded if there are no damages or accidents. This deposit is paid prior to arrival.
How many people can I invite?
The maximum capacity of our facility is 50 people.
Can I bring food?
Food and Drink are fine to bring to your event as long as there is no alcohol. The food and drink items must be kept in the Green Room at all times.
When do I show up and leave?
All clean-up and setup time must be included within your reservation time. We allow guests to arrive 10 minutes before the start of their event. For every five minutes over your scheduled time will be a charge of $25.
How big is your facility?
Our space covers 1300 square feet.
Are audio speakers available?
There is a full sound system available for your use.
Is Wifi avilable?
Yes! The Wifi password will be available to you in the room at the time of your event.
Is The Green Space a good place to shoot video?
Yes! However, due to the nature of the Epicenter for the Arts, where The Green Space is located, dance and acting classes occur at various times throughout the week. If you will be using The Green Space for video purposes, please contact us directly to inquire about specific days and times when competing noise will not be a problem. The Green Space is not responsible for outside music heard on video.
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